Community Christian Church


Sue and Jerry prepare a meal for I-HELPI-HELP (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program) – Our church provides overnight shelter and dinner to program participants in our neighborhood. Our church hosts the meal once a month and provides space to sleep comfortably each Monday.

Lunch Bags for Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness- In conjunction with our sister congregation, Guardian Angels Ecumenical Catholic Community, we offer non-perishable lunches through our Office. We have distributed over 5000 lunches this year in addition to clothes, shoes, and hygiene items every day.

Just Coffee Community exclusively serves organic, shade-grown Arabica coffee purchased from a cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico. Because this coffee is purchased directly from the growers, who control the entire process from growing to roasting, packaging, and selling the beans, the growers get almost 5 times more money than even “fair trade.”

Taking water to the desert for Humane BordersHumane BordersOur church provides volunteers to maintain water stations in the desert near the US-Mexico border. This humanitarian effort is an attempt to prevent the hundreds of migrant deaths each year trying to cross our border.

 Prayer Quilts Our church makes quilts for people to provide comfort during a difficult time or to commemorate a celebration in life. Yarn in the quilt is tied off Quilterswhile saying a prayer for the recipient.

Paz de CristoOur church provides volunteers for preparing and serving meals to the poor and homeless on the third Sunday of the month at the Paz de Cristo facility in Mesa at Broadway and Country Club.

Green TeamCommunity Christian Church works hard to use less of our earth’s resources by recycling and reusing. We consider ourselves a ‘green church’ as we have policies which limit our usage of paper products at our church functions. We have installed programmable thermostats on our heating and cooling units, and replaced our light fixtures with the new energy efficient low wattage lights. We have installed solar panels on a parking structure on our campus for the general uses of electricity on our campus. We also are a congregational member in Arizona Interfaith Power and Light.


Representing Community Christian Church at the AZ PRIDE Festival in 2017 (left) and Working on the compost pile at Escalante Community Garden (right)

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